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Our network of couriers serve businesses both large and small in Central/Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana (Louisville and Lexington are our largest service markets).  We offer both scheduled and 24/7 on-demand courier services.  We have over 20 years of experience and are qualified to handle nearly any type of courier deliveries.  We work closely with our customers to develop courier routes that best fit their specific needs at competitive pricing.



We currently service some of the biggest hospital networks in the state of Kentucky.  We also service a multitude of small doctor’s offices, labs, blood banks, home infusion and pharmaceutical businesses.  All our drivers are trained in the proper handling of pathogens, tissue samples, blood, etc and all adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines.  Our fleet of courier drivers are also experienced in handling expensive medical equipment (Ultrasound equipment, EKG machines, X-Ray machines, etc.).  We own and operate a fleet of larger cargo vehicles that can accommodate nearly any size/weight delivery.



When on-time delivery is critical for our clients’ customers, our professional couriers are there to insure that those confidential items are delivered within a specified delivery window. Brokerage firms, banks, accounting offices and insurance companies have come to rely on our impeccable on-time service and well executed scheduled daily courier routes.

Other Businesses

Some of our other customers include printing, manufacturing, supply-chain and even assisting in peak season overflows for other delivery companies.  We will find a courier solution that will accommodate nearly any business delivery requirement.

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