Louisville's Choice for Document Shredding

Serving the Kentuckiana area for over 15 years, RML Shredding can help you develop and implement a cost-effective, secure and compliant document destruction solution.

Need help assessing the appropriate on- or off-site shredding services and scheduling options for your business? Request more information or Request a Quote and have a knowledgeable RML Shredding representative contact you within 48 hours with a detailed quote that fits your business’s document shredding needs.

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We at Rocky Mountain Logistics provide shredding services to companies around the Kentuckiana area. Our business has expanded since we opened in 2001, from assisting several large local hospitals, to a large number of businesses in the area-helping control waste through securely shredding documents and managing the recycling effort.

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“In my dental practice, HIPAA compliance is very important to me. RML Shredding keeps me HIPAA-compliant in a very secure manner and they’re very professional. I’m sure that my documents are being securely handled and disposed of. My business is completely supported by the local community, so I want to use a business like RML Shredding that’s locally-owned and operated right here in Kentuckiana.”– Steve Remmers, DMD


Our Services

  • On Site/Mobile Shredding
  • Off Site Shredding
  • Purge Jobs

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